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No Personalization Imprinting
This option allows you to order a blank cover journal or notebook, without personalization of the product.

At times, the product will come with certain things already imprinted on the cover, and this will be included in the description of the item.

For example, our product JNBC 345-4 comes with the words "Journal" already imprinted on the front cover.

Personalization Imprinting
Personalization can also mean customizing your product with your initials, your name, the name of the person you're giving a gift to or your business' name.

We use letter stamping with our standard "Times Roman" font on our leather and vinyl products that offer personalization.

The imprint size of the product determines how many lines of personalization are possible. Some items may only allow one line, while others have space for three. At times you will see that there is a 5, 10 or 25 character per line maximum. This, too, depends on the imprint size for the product.

For example, our product JNBC 332-0, Classic Leather Softcover Journals, have a size of 8 1/8" x 5 3/4" x 7/8" but the imprint size is 3" (w) x 3" (h) which allows for 25 Characters per line, with a three line maximum.

Personalization charges are $10.95 for items that offer "Personlization Imprinting" in the purchasing options.

Customized Die Imprinting
This option allows you to purchase a die with your company's logo, school emblems, monograms, special fonts, etc.

The size of the die allowed depends on the imprint size of the product. The standard $65 die charge, for a die up to nine square inches, will be added to your shipping fee, with larger dies costing an extra $3.50 for each additional square inch.

A run fee charge of $0.75 per imprinting applies.
Customization Options
This option is listed on a number of our products.

Please give us a call at 1-800-310-2723 for more information on customizing the product that has this option listed.

Some products will offer screen printing or debossing with the charge included in the price given by one of our representatives when you call us.

At times, the product page will tell you that there are no customization options offered.

Personalization Imprinting Examples
These are some examples of what you could do when you personalize one of our products.

1st Example: If you have someone who's graduating have their initials or name placed on the first line, the degree they're receiving on the second line, and their graduation date or year on the third line.
Line 1: A.L.A
Line 2: M.S.
Line 3: 2011

2nd Example: Have your company's name written on the first line, your executive's name written on the second line, and their position on the third line.
Line 1: ABC Company
Line 2: John E. Smith
Line 3: Executive Director

You may wish to have only your initials or name imprinted on a product.

You can find more examples throughout our site or under our "Personalized Journals" page.

Customized Die Imprinting Examples
Have your company's logo and slogan made into a die and imprinted on our journals or notebooks. Use them throughout your company or as promotional items to give out at events.

You can your initials made into a monogram and put on a die to have debossed onto one of our leather journals.

 Ex: Debossed  Monogram on our  British Tan Forever  Leather Journal — JNBC 333-0

If you're having a family reunion, a great way to have the family remember the event is by having your family's creast imprinted with a die on a journal or notebook.

You can find more examples throughout our site or under our "Personalized Journals" page.
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